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Did you know that by making a few subtle changes to your web copy, you can increase your sales conversion dramatically, by as much as 5 times or more!

And, you don't have to be an exceptional copywriter in order to achieve this. In fact, right here we'll share with you the tried and tested techniques that these same copywriters have employed for their clients successfully.

It's important to remember that you should focus on 'selling' your product or service rather than just 'promoting' it.

Far too many online marketers are too busy 'promoting' their web sites to search-engines, banner-ads and offline advertising without paying a due thought to the actual content of their sites.

Your first priority after you have created your site design, is to indentify your target audience. Once you have done this, you should direct your efforts at creating effective content aimed at your target audience, using words that sell.

Keeping this 'selling' objective in mind here are the crucial areas you should focusing on (listed in priority):

1. Your main headline

2. Your subheadings

3. Your offer and USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

4. Call to action

Your Main Headline

This is the single most important content element on your site that you should be working on. More than 80% of your first time site visitors will look at your main headline first. So make sure your main headline is:

Attention Grabbing
Addresses Your Audience
Incudes Your Most Important Benefit/s

Attention-grabbing words you can use in your headline include the following:

"discover, new, breakthrough, amazing, secret, revolutionary, instantly, dramatically, improve, powerful, high-profit, profitable, fast, easy, now, low-cost, affordable, revealed, unleash, little-known, effective, save, etc..."

Use these words only if they really apply to your product, service or offer.

Address your audience by using the word 'YOU' and 'YOUR' in your headline.

Take a look at our site at: www.dreamweaver-templates.net

You'll notice that we use the words, 'YOU' and 'YOUR' generously throughout our site, particularly on our 'home-page'. People are much more willing to lend an ear to what you say, if you spoke to 'THEM', instead of focusing on 'us' or 'our company'.

Next, include your main benefit in your headline, e.g.

"Low-Cost Computers - You Can Save Upto 70% Off High Street Prices Today!"

"New - Martial Arts Instructor Reveals Revolutionary Way to Increase Your Stamina in 3 Easy Steps!"

"Unleash Your Ability To Read With Speed, Learn With Efficiency, And Remember With Accuracy..."

Keep the first letter of each word in Capital Letters. Your main headline's font size should be larger than your subheadings.

Your main headline should lead onto a benefit-laden first sentence.

To learn the techniques on creating effective sub-headings, USP's and call to action, Click here to continue.

"Thank you so much... Your customer service is just fantastic as well as your products. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. "

Eva Kronvall
Torrance CA, USA

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